Wednesday, January 10, 2018

UFO Report

I'm going to try to report weekly on my progress with UnFinished Objects (UFOs), and I'll be linking each post to the week's UFO Challenge at Jo's Country Junction.

Here's my update for this week:

The little crumb quilts are looking good ... Here's the front of one, and the back of another. More details in an earlier blog post.

ProsperityStuff Crumb Quilt front ProsperityStuff Patchwork Back for crumb quilt

Here's what my Vintage-Inspired EPP looks like right now:

It's hard to tell from this angle, but the two sides to the left of the picture each have two rows of diamonds; the two sides to the right of the picture each have only one row. 

So my first job is to add the 4 dozen diamonds to those edges on the right. 

Then, I'll be deciding what happens to the border from there ... solid fabric? colored diamonds? neutral diamonds? The quilt top is still small ... maybe 36" x 45"?, and I'd like it bigger, but not impossible to finish!

I basted a few neutral diamonds this week, to add to the ones I already had ...


And I decided that there should probably be another row of neutral diamonds, and there should definitely be another row of colorful diamonds in the border, so I cut some diamond papers ...

I also cut some fabric ...

And, I took inventory of the already-basted colorful ones I have ...

That's my progress for the week; I'm off to read Jo's blog post and link party to see who else is making progress on quilt-y UFOs this week!

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Little Crumb Quilts

I have two little crumb quilts about halfway done ... Lots of fabric crumbs give these a fun look!

ProsperityStuff Crumb Quilt Strips - scraps stitched to adding machine paper

Last week, I mentioned some background work on these ...

ProsperityStuff Crumb Quilt preparation

Here's the front of one; the other front is in the works.

ProsperityStuff Crumb Quilt Top colorful stripes

Since I didn't have yardage in the right colors for backing, I found some fun fabrics -- already cut -- in my fabric collection. So I'm putting together some pieced backings. 

These triangles were cut ages ago, and they've just been waiting for the right project. I love how the colors work together, and they're going to make a cute quilt back!

ProsperityStuff Triangles for a quilt back

This patchwork quilt back will be almost as fun as the quilt front! These  4½" squares were cut quite a while ago. Some of the squares were cut from sheets -- the adorable cars and trucks were a Pottery Barn sheet! Other stripes, prints, and solids were cut from shirts. I love the organized variety!

ProsperityStuff Squares for a quilt back

As always, a lot happens in bits and pieces, sometimes in short spurts -- it's good to see progress!

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

UFOs for the new year

When I have a lot of sewing projects going (always!), it's super-helpful to find motivations to get things done.

Blog posts (and link parties with other blogs) are an easy way to report weekly on what's happening with ongoing projects. Today I'll be linking this blog post to the UFO Progress post at Jo's Country Junction.

So, for the beginning of the year, I'm going to start a list of unfinished-things-that-I'll-be-working-on.

Then, my Wednesday blog posts can report on what kind of progress I'm making.

In no particular order, the UFOs (UnFinished Objects) I'd like to finish sometime during this year:

The weather quilt ... It'll need backing, quilting, and binding.

My Great-Great Grandmother's circle quilt (haven't blogged about this one yet; details later) - just needs quilting and binding

Americana baby quilt - quilt and bind

2 crumb-style baby quilts (similar to these ones) - crumb strips are made; everything's cut; pieced backings are in progress

The Christmas Tree Quilt - borders and pieced backing are all cut

The Pumpkins Quilt - orange is done; working on background

Random Orange Quilt - mostly pieced

The Extremely Tiny EPP Hexagons - need to figure out how to mount and frame

My Vintage-Inspired EPP ... I've forgotten what stage it's at, but I love it.

So, here's to a great start to 2018!
I'm off to see what's up at Jo's Country Junction today ... and then I better get busy on some sewing!

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Background work

Often, when I have a few minutes to sew, I can either stitch, or cut out fabric, but not both.

Thursday, I stitched ... Lots of "crumbs" foundation-pieced onto skinny paper tape (like these ones I made).

I also stitched some pink and white T-Shirt squares ... Made most of the "twosies" into four-patches.

Friday I cut backgrounds ... for the pumpkin quilt and for the crumb quilts.

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Weather Quilt: Week 51 of 52

This quilt top is almost done!
More pictures later ... when the weather is more suited to an outdoor picture!

This has been a fun project this year. I'm hoping to work on backing and quilting early in the new year.
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